LANAP is an FDA approved periodontal procedure that anyone with gum disease can use. It can be used on all stages of gum disease from the mildest gingivitis to severe periodontal disease. In a typical situation, one half of the mouth is completed in a visit and the second half is then treated one week later. LANAP can be used in the place of traditional periodontal surgery and it is safe for patients with many health concerns including diabetes, HIV, hemophilia and many others.

While a certified LANAP specialist will have to look at your individual case, it is typically the right treatment for people who have a number of the following issues: bleeding gums, loose teeth, heavy tartar build-up, periodontal (gum) disease in the past, sore gums, consistent bad breath, teeth that may need to be pulled and replaced with dentures.

Rechavia Dental Center, located in the center of Jerusalem, is the only dental practice licensed to perform the LANAP treatment in Israel today.